Weekly Yoga Classes

Hatha yoga is a traditional style of physical yoga incorporating meditation, breathing practices and relaxation to help balance stress of both mind and body. Flexible class times and lengths are available; early morning, lunchtime or evening classes tailored to your needs. Your classes can be between 45 and 90 minutes depending on your team’s schedule.

Workshops and Events

Desk Yoga, Posture Clinics, Meditation and Mindfulness for the Workplace, Nutrition for Peak Performance, DIY Herbal Remedies for Avoiding Sick Days, Technology Detox Retreats for Mental Clarity, Team Building Games and Activities and much more. Programs are all designed around your specific needs and can be one off workshops, half or full day events or week-long programs.

Wellness Programme

Consulting services available to help you create an ongoing in house wellness programme. When employees are well looked after they are also more productive. I can help you put a solid wellness programme in place to improve employee experience by making sure their overall well-being is catered for. Happy, healthy teams build the most successful companies!




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