Healthy Happy Pregnancy


Healthy Happy Pregnancy Options

Depending on where you are in your pregnancy, the following packages may be helpful:

  • Initial consultation – for first time clients – €90
  • Follow up consultation – if you have seen me before (during your pregnancy or before your pregnancy) book this option! – €70
  • Initial consultation and follow up – €150
  • Trimester packages (most popular) – 3 monthly consultations. Usually purchased for the second and/or third trimesters. – €210
  • The whole 9 months – If you are looking for monthly ongoing support throughout your pregnancy you can go the whole nine yards with the whole 9 months package – the best value naturopathic support throughout your pregnancy. – €550
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Healthy Happy Pregnancy Packages

  • Struggling with morning sickness? Aches and pains due to your changing body?
  • Worried about all the dos and don’ts of pregnancy and not sure where to start?
  • Whether you are at the early stages of pregnancy or ready to pop, a naturopathic consultation can be helpful at any stage of your pregnancy. Herbal medicines are a wonderful addition to any pregnancy journey and can help you ensure you are getting the adequate nutrition and support in these vital months.
  • Dietary factors and other naturopathic principles and lifestyle advice will be addresses to make sure you and your baby are well throughout your pregnancy.
  • Herbal medicine is also a great addition in the last trimester to help prepare the body for childbirth. Women often book a consultation in the last trimester to prepare for a herbal childbirth.
  • Are you pregnant and feeling under the weather?
  • When you are sick during pregnancy often the pharmaceuticals you are used to are contraindicated in pregnancy. Whether it is a cough or cold, hayfever, or any other acute ailment that comes up while you are pregnant, a naturopathic consultation could provide safe solutions and remedies to help you recover.
  • Pregnant and dealing with a chronic health condition?
  • Naturopathy and herbal medicine can be a wonderful support for you through your pregnancy and works great as a complementary therapy to other treatments you are receiving.
  • Pregnancy itself is not an ailment that needs to be remedied in any way but gentle herbal medicines and naturopathic practices can be a great support to keep you strong and healthy throughout your pregnancy.
  • A gift card for a consultation can be a wonderful baby shower/ mother
    blessing gift to truly nurture mother and baby in their final weeks before birth.

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