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Consultations online or in person in the Dublin area

Are you new to a vegan diet?

• Or simply interested in making the shift to a more plant based diet?
• A whole food, plant based diet has growing scientific research behind it. It is a healthy
and healing diet for promoting wellness and longevity. However, making a big dietary shift can be daunting.
• Working with me, your naturopath, to make that shift can help you remove any doubt,
make sure you are achieving optimum nutrition, and reduce the new vegan bloat (or the dreaded vegan gas!) that you may have heard about.
• Every one of us (and every one of our guts and microbiomes) are different, so it makes sense that an individualised plan for your dietary changes is necessary.
• This package will help you make the shift. Personalised, one-to-one advice on how you can introduce more plant based foods in a healthy and sustainable way.

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As a vegan naturopath I am passionate about helping people overcome illnesses and achieve optimum health in various stages of their lives and health journeys while maintaining a healthy vegan diet.

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