Vegan Health Care


Consultations online or in person in the Dublin area

Options for Vegan Health Care

  • Two hour Initial consultation
  • Follow up consultation (1hr)
  • 3 month health programme (2 hour initial consultation and 2 hour long follow ups)
  • 6 month health programme (2 hour initial consultation and 5 hour long follow ups)
  • One year health programme (2 hr initial and 11 monthly follow ups) – commit to a year long health programme, save money and watch your whole life transform.
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Sick of doctors or nutritionists saying you need to eat meat or other animal products in order to overcome your illness? Growing up my doctor used to always tell me eating pigeon eggs would sort all of my ailments. Don’t worry, you won’t hear any of that from me! Research shows that a whole foods plant based diet can heal most diseases and I have found, through my training and work, that regardless of the illness, there is a way to support the body to optimum wellness, while maintaining a plant based diet.

I work with vegan patients who have a huge variety of ailments, from autoimmune diseases, lyme’s disease, diabetes, digestive disorders, hormonal problems, and many more, to support them, often alongside pharmaceutical or surgical protocols, while maintaining a healthy vegan diet.

Regardless of your health concerns, naturopathy can be easily aligned with a vegan diet. We will work together, one to one, to provide your body with the healing nutrients and medicines needed to overcome illness and achieve optimum health, all while maintaining a healthy vegan diet.

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Consultation type

Initial Consultation, Follow-up Consultation, Initial & Follow-up Combo, 3 Month Package, 6 Month Package, 1 Year Programme