Vegan Pregnancy


Prices for Vegan Pregnancy Packages

Initial consultation – for first time clients – €90
Follow up consultation – if you have seen me before (during your pregnancy or before
your pregnancy) book this option! – €70
Initial consultation and follow up – €150
Trimester packages (most popular) – 3 monthly consultations. Usually purchased for the
second and/or third trimesters. – €210
The whole 9 months – If you are looking for monthly ongoing support throughout your
pregnancy you can go the whole nine yards with the whole 9 months package – the best
value naturopathic support throughout your pregnancy. – €550

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Vegan Pregnancy

Pregnant and vegan? Concerned about iron, vitamin B12, and other essential
nutrients for your baby’s development? A naturopathic consultation can put
your mind at ease, as I can analyse your diet and lifestyle, recommending any
herbs or supplements you may need to have a healthy vegan pregnancy.
• Pregnancy is one of the most special times in many women’s lives, but can
also be a stressful time, particularly when you, or your midwife or doctor, are
worried about your growing baby getting all the nutrients they need on a
vegan diet. Working alongside your healthcare provider I can help ensure that
you are aware of the most nutritious foods to eat to make sure that you and
your baby have a healthy pregnancy and birth.

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Initial Consultation, Follow-up Consultation, Initial & Follow-up Combo, 3 Month Package, 6 Month Package