Option 1.

Candlelight Yoga

Enjoy this Candlelight class to relax, unwind, and relieve tension in the body, heart, and mind.

The Nerdy Naturopath - Siobhan Carroll - Wizard Yoga for Harry Potter fans
Option 2.

Wizard Yoga

How to handle stress like Gandalf, or concentrate like Hermione? Learn magical secrets and enjoy Yoga with references to your favourite books & movies!

Option 3.

1 on 1 Yoga

This class offers a safe space where I can focus just on mentoring you!

What is
Hatha Yoga?

The ancient art of Hatha Yoga is often translated as “Union of The Sun and the Moon”, but what does that even mean? Is that translation even accurate? I dove into a book called Original Yoga to find out!

Creativity through Nerdy

Wizard Yoga, Game of Thrones Yoga, Vampire Yoga, Mermaid Yoga and more. How can you nourish your inner child and get playful with some of our favourite yoga poses, modified for your nerdy needs! All it takes is a little bit of creativity!

Yoga for

Whether you're a company looking to boost your employee’s productivity or an individual who is ready to get ahead and leave procrastination behind, this is how yoga will help you “get sh*t done” as they say!

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